9 horror video games that you may not know and will make you pass a halloween of fear

The month of Halloween is always a perfect excuse to update with some horror games, the celebration has become more and more at an essential appointment with the players and most companies add up to This celebration. Capcom, motivated by the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil, has prepared a whole battery of surprises for this month, in addition to rescuing his debm from Resident Evil 8 Village.

10 Horror Video Games So Terrifying We Couldn't Finish Them

Trunating games that have passed under the radar Chernobylite has not failed to your appointment with PS4 and Xbox One, and games like Propnight, have taken advantage of the month of terror to announce its launch. We know that many of you already have prepared those great Terror titles pending to play at Halloween, the great classics of the Saga Resident Evil, the fantastic deliveries of The Evil Within, the different chapters of The Dark Pictures or the impeccable Alien: Isolation is just some of those we know you have on your lists.

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That s why we wanted to gather on this occasion 9 games that probably many will not know and that they are really frightening. Proposals Alternatives To those of the great studies where you can find good dose of terror presented in very different ways. We hope you like them, and remember that you have available our last video about essential horror games, so that this Halloween does not miss video games with which to pass it from fear.

These are our recommendations, but surely many of you know a game that will prevent more than one to sleep well at night With what game are you going to celebrate Halloween?