The president of Activision

Activision-Blizzard Continue focusing efforts to become a much more welcoming and healthy company with its workers. This ensures it in a new open letter to employees Robert Kotick, Executive Director of the company, which has explained some of the changes already implemented, leaving the door open to continue introducing changes to achieve the objectives raised, but where It also announces its renounces to charge bonus this year.

First, Kotick has made a purpose of amendment and has recognized errors in the process of expansion of the company during these last years. In some cases, people did not feel comfortable when reporting their concerns periodically, or their concerns were not always addressed in a timely or adequate way. People were deeply disappointed and, for that, express my apologies He declares him.

The Executive President of the Company ensures that the reports and suggestions of the US research process (Equal Employment Opportunities Commission of the US) have helped to shed light on practices that must be improved, policies that must be strengthened and Other problems that have to be solved. We have much more to do if we want to be the company that others follow us. Thus, Kotick lists up to five actions to search Be a new model of excellence.

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Kotick has asked to collect this year the minimum by law To finish, in final lines the Executive President of the Multinational of the Sector ensures to invest the greatest number of resources possible on introducing these changes, which is why he has requested to resign To charge bonus, ensuring wanting to charge the minimum stipulated by law for office: $ 62,500. In this way, Kottick seems to comply with the demands of some shareholders who asked not to pay executives their bonus this year because they do not appropriately address the cases of sexual harassment, which jumped to the forestern this summer.

This new open letter from the president of Activision-Blizzard arrives a few days after the cancellation of BlizzCon 2022, one of his great events of celebration with the players who already was affected this year by the pandemic.