Fortnite Appoint A Friend gives cool rewards for Racing

Epic Games hosts InfortNite and from actions where your free cosmetic items gets. Now old or new rabbits are brought out of their slumber to participate in the Refer A Friend action. As you can and what you need to do for it, you will learn here at Meinmmo.


What is this for an action? In this action you can link with other players who have not been pulled or newly pushed for a long time.

If nobody should play fornites by your friends, we show you a way of how you can still come to the items.

Reinve A Friend – Many Items for Racing Fans

The items in this action feature appearance in the racing area. However, they are colorfully decorated and coated in a chrome style.

These items are available to earn:

Loading screen Road Action
Paint Colorful shays

Hanging ladder Color trip
Picker Tax rackets
Outfit Rainbow Raser

How do I get her? Now you have to link to a player. That makes her by going to the site of Fortnite s Rein-A-Friend. There you log in and link to you with a player of your choice. Note here that you have to be friends with this player.

For this he has had to spend 30 days less than 120 minutes in any mode. If the specified time is exceeded, you can not connect to your choice. This player must then accept your invitation.

If you have completed the whole procedure, the tasks come:

Charging screen – creates a connection to a player
Paint – plays with your friend 1 game in Fortnite
Hanging ladder – lands 3 times with your invited friend in the top 10
Pickaxe – Eliminiere 10 opponents with your friend
Outfit – yours and your friend must blew both 60 levels

When is it running? The registration period from October 25 at 16:00, until 15 November at 04:59. Then you can not link to players and are excluded from the action.

If you still have done it, you should patch you, you have your budgets time until January 11, 2022, at 05:59. Until then, but you should have gotten all rewards, otherwise the train has left.

How can I benefit from it without friends? Some of you ask yourself as you can participate without friends who do not gamble foretnites. Either you persuade your friends to talk through, or you are looking for players in the discord of Fortnite Germany after players.

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In this you can find player who just like you want to dust the rewards. Maybe this can also be new known or friendships. You can also use the discord server but just to search for people for activities.

What do you think about the action? Are you already diligent on abracking or such actions are not for you? Let us know!