Guardian Tales achieved the first place in Japan two consecutive weeks

[A News 24) The American Games Development Composite Studio announced that Mobile Games Guardian Tales announced on the 26th that Google played its first place in Japan.

Guardian Tales was ranked first in the first place for 2 consecutive weeks after the free game downloads from Apple App Store and Google App Market in Japan on June 6. Through the Japanese branch, Bean Studio Japan, it is only two days since I started local service with a sole publishing on the last 6 days.

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In the case of sales ranking, the first place in Japan and the Apple App Store was ranked 5th. Guardian Tales received 4.8 points for the 3rd week in the Japanese Apple App Store and was selected for Apple Fitcher.

The Guardian Tales has also recorded its sales in China, as well as the launch of the Apple App Store Game Sales Ranking and Free Download. Global cumulative sales achieved about $ 216 million (about W250bn) (about W250bn), as of early September.

Meanwhile, the Guardian Tales developed by the Thought Studio is a game (RPG), which has a fantasy adventure of Guardian to save the kingdom. Last July was formally released on the global market.