Fortnite Offline Downtime for Update 18 30 Today Time First Patch

Epic Games announces maintenance for Fortnite: The Battle-Royale shooter temporarily goes offline today – the update 18.30 is in the march. On Reddit, the developers share a time for the start of the downtime with: The maintenance starts at 10 o clock, ie at the usual time. Logins and game contributions are then no longer possible. The MatchMaking system already switches off the makers half an hour earlier: At 9:30 you can join the last game before the Downtime.

How long Fortnite (Buy Now € 38.36) remains offline today, does not emerge from the previous information. As a rule, the downtimes at the Battle-Royale shooter but only short duration, so that the servers return for lunchtime and games fornites again as usual. The patch notes are expected during the morning – and thus details of the changes and innovations that update 18.30. It is believed that innovations for the dice city are pending. As the well-known Leaker Hypex writes on Twitter, it is conceivable that the Cube Town gradually transforms into a pyramid. Corresponding hints provide play data to the queen, which is described as a pyramid tip .

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Whether the speculation of preservations will have to show. That the update contains one or the other bugfix is ​​also likely. For example, there is currently errors with the emotes of Wolverine or an error message when tricksy is equipped with multiple color variations. Whether the errors are already resolved with the new update or only with a later patch remains to be seen. In the course of the morning we should learn more.

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