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After Amazon emptied the PS5 camp in the last week, other dealers should be in the row again in the coming days. Above all, online stores such as Alternate or Euronics could soon have new PS5 consoles on sale.

Mostly the replenishment is offered in the morning or morning. It could also pay attention to retain dealers such as Müller or Cyberport. Again, no PlayStation 5 has been given to buy more.

A little unlikely are other PS5 units at Media Markt and Saturn. Here, customers in the last few days had the chance to sit down locally in the store on a waiting list to get a new console relatively soon.

Nearly 20,000 copies should have been available. Meanwhile, the waiting lists are full of almost all locations. Of course you can still try a try if you are nearby.

Dealers such as Gamestop, PS5 consoles now offer only in retail. With a little luck, you can also get hold of a specimen here. In our watchlist we have summarized the links where you can acquire a PS5 (Buy 624.90 € now).

PS5 buy: Amazon

Bundle PS5 + Spider-Man: Miles Morales
Playstation 5 with drive
PS5 Digital Edition
PS5 dualsense
PS5 accessories like 3D headset

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Media market
mm NEW : PS5 + Deathloop + Death Stranding Director s Cut
mm New: PS5 + Death Stranding Director s Cut
Saturn New: PS5 + Ghost of Tsushima DC + Death Stranding DC
Saturn New: PS5 + Deathloop + Death Stranding Director s Cut
Saturn New: PS5 + Death Stranding Director s Cut
Alternate (standard / digital) / (bundle with 2nd dualsense & games)

From Dominik Zwingmann
25.10.2021 at 14:10