NHN Employment Labor Working Innovation Excellent Company Highest Level SS Rating Selection

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[INTERNATIONAL SYSTEMS 24] The NHN (Representative Jung Woojin) announced on the 14th that he received the highest SS rating of the 42 working & Labor Ministry of Employment Labor.

Working Innovation Excellent Companies will receive high scores from the employment work, shortening the working hours, flexible, annual leave, working, and culture, and the progress of working culture, .

Working Innovation Excellent Company is divided into three rating, such as SS, S, A, and a new work method that introduces a new work method that meets the digital economy since Corona. .

NHN is not only selected as a SS rating and was selected as a working innovation company, but also as a home-to-home activation enterprise . NHN, which is selected as a work innovation, is selected for the future, and the benefits of various government support businesses, military service specializes, and loan interest rates.

NHN has built a smart work environment through its own cloud service NHN Cloud and collaboration platform NHN DOORAY! And supports the non-intervention of employees in Corona Pan Demam.

NHN employees can freely adjust their working hours through a flexible employee Purpletime Festival and can work in the desired space every Wednesday with Demand Office . In addition, NHN Soft (former NHN toast), a developer company, introduces the Hot Desk system, enabling employees to work in the desired space in the living space.

The company said, The employees are introducing a variety of work systems that can raise their work efficiency while enjoying a balanced daily life between work and life, and complement the existing working system. In the future, I will constantly worried to build the environment.