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In WoW is currently somehow dead trousers. Korthia is sucking out for weeks for most players and many drive currently anyway prefer Amazon s New World around. Of these, though most will eventually come back to Azeroth, but of little use to the currently remaining heroes. And improvement is so fast even in sight. Patch 9.1.5 can not wait while most players already desperately long for patch 9.2 in coming. For 9.1.5 has a problem. He brings no direct content into the game.

Yes, all the adjustments for Twinks and laggards, and the simplifications for all are important and good – for my actual main character thereby changes but precious little. To raid the motivation log or run dungeons, will continue to be very limited. Here a little replenishment would certainly be good.

PDK-style as Easy Ask

Well of course it is not so easy times to conjure up a new raid or a new dungeon out of the hat up. For since put a lot of development work behind. but you could also make it easy. I would have never believed that I would ever write these lines outside of satire or irony: a crisp, short raid in the style of the Trial of the Crusader I would find now really great.

reingepackt a space that no unnecessary trash and a handful of crisp bosses. What then, ridiculous and carelessly designed worked in direct connection to Ulduar, today would be a welcome change. Do not misunderstand: As a complete RAID animal, I would find a PDK-Raid still a joke. But as an intermediate Raid I would find it currently good. Especially since the waiting time is currently higher than usual yes.
PDK was then not popular much. Currently, the concept would probably find more favor. Source: Blizzard How about consuming such an intermediate Raid, I can not judge personally of course. It would in any case save a lot of work when resorting simply to existing areas – for example, the arena in which Kyrianer their event, the path of ascension complete. The Kyrianer arena might be good for a small serve intermediate patch. Source: Blizzard anyway would be no bad subject. Provides easy in some of the most powerful Pact members, which one saves the creation of new models, and packaged it as a story-preparation training camp for the big storm the prison. Yes, this is not very creative, but better to wait than six months for the next content.

What about you? Longs her already for new endgame content in WoW (buy now € 14.99), or you are well supplied and likes to wait some time for new content?
P.S. .: The statement I do not care, I ll play anyway degree New World does not count as an answer. : -)

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