Tomb Raider reboot New video shows lost horror

Lara Croft Go is a turn-based puzzle video game in the Tomb Raider collection. The gamer moves Lara Croft as a puzzle item via a board game while avoiding challenges as well as controling the setting. The programmers distilled major collection motifs, such as boulder chases after as well as reaction-based gameplay, to match Lara Croft Go s time-independent gameplay. Square Enix Montreal created the game as a spiritual follower to its 2014 Gunman Go, based on an additional Square Enix Europe franchise business. The company launched Lara Croft Go in August 2015 for Android, iphone, Windows, and also Windows Phone devices. A variation for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita was unveiled in November 2016. It was released on Heavy steam on 4 December 2016.
The game obtained usually desirable evaluations. Movie critics commended its visual appeals, problem style, as well as integrity to the collection, but slammed its short size as well as challenged its level of trouble. It was selected for a 2016 Apple Design Honor, Apple s 2015 apple iphone game of the year, as well as finest mobile/handheld game at the 2015 The Game Awards.

With Tomb Raider: Ascension would almost made the legendary adventure franchise a detour to the horror genre. Unfortunately, the game was not completed, but a new video now shows several scary details of the project.

The Tomb Raider reboot of 2013 showed Lara Croft as vulnerable and realistic like never before. The gaming icon had to go to their limits during the adventure in the enemy environment of Yamatai to survive. Originally, Square Enix had planned an even harder survival game: Tomb Raider: Ascension was created as a real horror game , as a new prototype video proves.

Tomb Raider: Horror game becomes a franchise reboot

The video shows some impressions from an early build of Tomb Raider: Ascension. Despite the rightly unfinished material, it can be seen that the developers for the game originally had a stronger horror influence – with several fearless opponents.

Search here the prototype video for Tomb Raider: ASCENSION:

The video shows, among other things, how Lara Croft combats a horde of scary demons with a flame width and then take it with a gamentic troll . Also a rapid horse and a cave exploration can be seen.

Square Enix celebrates 25 years Lara Croft

Publisher Square Enix comments under the video that Tomb Raider: ASCension deeply immersed in the Survival Horror genre . However, the survival aspect was used to speak in the final reboot, even if the horror elements were significantly weakened.

In addition to the gameplay video, the official Tomb Raider Channel on YouTube, by the way, still opened two more videos to Tomb Raider: Ascension uploaded . In it you can see more details about the horror project. The videos are part of the great anniversary action 2021, because Square Enix celebrates the 25th anniversary of the very first Tomb Raider Releases. (Source: YouTube)

The Tomb-Raider franchise really has a long way behind – in our picture gallery we show you the evolution of Lara Croft:

Tomb Raider: Ascension was planned as a real survival horror game and would have transported the franchise into an unfamiliar genre. The game was not finished, but a new video now shows what players expected.