From Tomb Raider would be almost survival

Jill Valentine (ジル · バレンタイン, Jiru Baranana) is a character from the video-play series Resident Evil, born in 1974. Daughter of thief in the novel of S. Perry, she is a member of the alpha team of s.t.a.s. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service, in French: Army Tactical Section for Research and Rescue – in Resident Evil Apocalypse). It appears in the first Evil resident. It is also present in Raccoon City when the city sank in chaos (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis).

Better to go with Lara Croft on treasure hunt or fight as Jill Valentine Zombies? The protagonists from the Tomb Raider and Resident Evil series are among the most popular actionhoes – and they almost had more common than we have kept possible. At least genrechtechnical.

A video published by Square Enix shows how the Tomb Raider series has experimented with Survival Horror before the reboot in 2013 . We ll tell you more about it.

Video shows unfamiliar horror scenes

It s about it: For the 25th birthday of Tomb Raider, Publisher Square Enix has released a video that astonishes some fans. It shows material from the early development phase of Tomb Raider Ascension – a set title, which ultimately emerged the reboot from 2013.

Not infrequently, development teams, especially in long existing rows, new out and early designs usually differ greatly from the finished game. Nevertheless, these scenes surprise because they make excursions throughout other genres. The most is that the horror element predominates, approaches of it can even be found in the finished reboot title.

Here you can watch the video that fits perfectly with the Halloween season:

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Scenes remember other games

If we were playing the video and asking what series is this, would certainly be all possible answers. The dark dungeons with sinister creatures we see at the beginning remember almost already dark souls . When Lara fights later in an ancient building with fire against human-like aggressive figures, the rather think of horror franchises like Resident Evil or The Evil Within.

But it gets even bizarre. As if that were not unusual enough, we see Lara then also ride on a horse through a wide landscape, where she is a gigantic – how should we say it else – colossus encounters. Well, who has just called Shadow of the Colossus ?

In the end, we still see boss fights where Lara deliberately evokes the attacks of monsters and attract them in close combat. At this time, the team was obviously still in the final phase and has experimented with the most diverse mechanics and styles. It was certainly a further way until it became the action-packed treasury adventure that we know today.

What do you think of the approaches shown? Are you glad that the series has not made any of these paths or would you have more horror wanted?