UEFA determines against BVB and Ajax

Piero Single pole ball, Juventus's 1 0 defeat of Dortmund
The significant defeat of the Dortmund in Amsterdam could not only show athletic negative aftermath for the club from the Ruhrpot. As the UEFA announced on Wednesday on request, the use of pyrotechnics of both female bearings will be investigated. First, on Tuesday evening, the followers of the Westphalia started sparkling, the followers of Ajax were subsequently tightened in even greater extent. In addition to Bengalos, firecrackers were flown through the Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam. Parts of the Dortmund Annex had already noticed in Germany in Germany with regard to pyrotechnics: With a police check at the station in Oberhausen, members of a UltraGruppierung had thrown away pyrotechnics according to Federal Police and then jumped into the cancellation trains. Thus, a total of 21 partly self-denied confiscated and immediately investigations have initiated.