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Epic Games Store is a digital video game store created by Epic Games. It was launched on December 6, 2018 as a website and independent software, of which the latter is required to download and play games. The store provides a basic catalog, friendlies administration, pairing and other features. Epic Games has additional plans to expand the set of features, but it does not plan to add as many features as other digital distribution platforms, such as discussion forums or user reviews, but uses existing social networking platforms to back up.

EPIC entered the distribution market after Fortnite s success, which EPIC distributed through its own channels to Windows and MacOS users instead of other stores. Tim Sweeney, founder and executive director of Epic Games, had expressed his opinion that Steam s income cut, the dominant store run by Valve, was too high by 30%, and suggested that they could manage a store with only 8 % reduction without stopping being profitable. For the launch, Epic Games had decided on a 12% revenue cut for the titles published through the store, as well as reducing license fees for games created in their unreal engine engine, usually 5% of the income.
Epic Games attracted developers and publishers at the service by offering time exclusivity agreements to publish in the store, in exchange for an assured minimum income, even if EPIC had a loss in low performance games. EPIC also offered users one or two free games each week during the first two years of their operation to help attract users. Although the showcase has been considered successful, the criticisms of the users have targeted Epic Games and those developers and publishers who opt for exclusivity agreements, stating that these are segmenting the market. [1]
Currently, the store does not have forums or discussion section of some kind so that between users and developers can solve problems that a videogame may have, because of this, users are forced to receive help from other sites instead of being able to do it within From the same store / Launcher. [2]

Anyone who has already dived in the gloomy abyss of the acclaimed 2D Soulslike Salt and Sanctuary in 2016 will certainly have the successor Salt and Sacrifice long ago on the screen. As with its predecessor, the Canadian two-person studio ska studios is on the factory again.

Salt and Sacrifice should appear in early 2022, there is no more detailed appointment yet. Now it was known that the PC version of the game will be available exclusively in the Epic Games Store. Therefore, PlayStation players do not look into the tube: Salt and Sacrifice appears simultaneously for PS4 and PS5.

Epic Games Store Exclusiveness ensures displeasure with the fans

Some fans seem anything but enthusiastic about the announcement. The unstile Egs trailer has three times as many dislikes as Likes and also on Twitter make compression writers of their displeasure air. One is against the exclusivity, EPIC wool does not support and therefore rather renounce the title.

Not all are angry with other platforms such as the Xbox or the Switch as well as Steam availability and whether Epic exclusivity is only temporary, dive. Considering that even Salt and Sanctuary was sometime on Steam, the Xbox and the Nintendo Switch appeared, the chances are good.

In Salt and Sacrifice you will be able to choose from eight starter classes to travel to the Age Stone Kingdom. As branded inquisitors, you have to hunt twenty magicians there and put them the craft. The successor to the 2D soulslike loses besides crunchy battles also with a gripping hook and the possibility of co-op.

Source: Epic Games Store on Twitter

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