1 000 yen coupon is also distributed EPIC GAMES Store Halloween Sale for Cyberpunk 2077 Hitman 3 etc

Epic Games has launched Hallowong Sale 2021 that is a large sale event at the PC Games Store EPIC Games Store .

This sale is not limited to horror and zombie games, but for various titles. We will pick up and deliver the title of the target sale.

Hitman 3 (50% off, 3,090 yen) and trains floating in different space, VoidTrain (15% off, 2,618 yen, early access), anything Ali s medieval striking battle game Chivalry 2 Today, there are also games that can only be obtained with EPIC Games stores.

Besides, Cyberpunk 2077 (33% off, 5,881 yen) (40% off, 5,544 yen) (40% off, 5,544 yen) (40% off, 5,544 yen) (33% off) Off, 5,774 yen), Grand Seifota Auto V (50% off, 2,425 yen) is also aimed at the aim.

In addition, it is also distributed to connect and discount coupons that can be received when you set the email from Epic Games. It is applicable to any of the launched titles over 1,480 yen, not limited to the target title, and it is also used for new titles such as Back 4 Blood (7,580 yen for coupon application) (Crew s Remastered Trilogy (4,180 yen for coupon application) I can do it.

Halloween Sale 2021 is being held from October 19 to November 2nd. When you log in from the EPIC Games Launcher from October 19 to November 2 to the Car Soccer Games Rocket League , we also hold a campaign that special items can be played automatically.