The King of Fighters XV Heidern takes his ticket for the big tournament

And thirty-two! After a whole new protagonist two weeks ago in the person of Isla, SNK announces today the arrival of an old old at the casting of The King of Fighters XV, the Indobolder Daron of the team Ikari Warriors : Heidern. Except that the team in question is already complete and will include Clark, Ralph and Leona. Where will our filiform commander find refuge?

Large boss of the Ikari Warriors and adoptive father of the formidable Leona, the imposing Heidern made his first appearance at the cast of the series with the very first component, The King of Fighters 94 . However, there has been no longer seen in a canonical episode since the 2001 Opus is ten years of absence for one of the strongest DARONS of the beginnings of the SAGA. Although he still did a reappearance in The King of Fighters 2002 UM .

In the meantime, Leona joined Clark and Ralph in the Ikari Warriors team, so we wonder who will be his partners in this opus. Perhaps a team composed of patriarchs such as Takuma and Zehû? The other question remains concerns the move-list of the character: will he find his charge-based techniques after having trocted against quarters and half-circles in The King of Fighters 2001 ? Answer On February 17 next year, when the King of Fighters XV is expected on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

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The King Of Fighters XV – Heidern Trailer