Salt and Sacrifice offers a PC exclusivity at Epic Games Store

Ska Studios has signed a partnership with the EPIC Games Store for its next title, Salt and Sacrifice . Unveiled during the E3 show, this game that follows Salt & Sanctuary will be available exclusively, and always on PS4 and PS5 side consoles.

As its predecessor, the action-rpg Salt and Sacrifice will take place in the same world of dark fantasy , with this same artistic direction that always lends to debate. While Sanctuary was available on Steam, it s on the Epic Games Store that the players will find his suite. Here you embody a marked inquisitor deciphering in eight starting classes. Salt and Sacrifice will be playable in solo or local cooperation but now also online.

This next Action-RPG will therefore be available on the EPIC Games Store for $ 19.99. His publisher, Devoured Studios, also announces that he will be located in six languages ​​including French. SALT AND SACRIFICE Start 2022 on PC and PS4 and PS5 consoles.