Fortnite x Dune Skins and accessories of the new Battle Royale collaboration are filtered

When a blockbuster reaches the highest, in Epic Games, it does not take to stalk to make collaborations. The most influential dataminers on the planet have unearthed this morning several files related to Fortnite cosmetics with the Dunes seal, in reference to the film DUNE .

The fruit of the collaboration between the Game Game of Epic Games and the Denis Villeneuve film should reach stores in the coming days (although an official date has not yet been announced).

It would be two packs that should reach a priori to the fortnite window: one with the skins of CHANI and Paul Atréides , and the other with a whole range of accessories. Currently, what are your prices in turkeys?

Usually, this type of data mining only occurs a few days before the Skins reach the store. However, it is worth asking if this collaboration will be limited to cosmetics or there will be more. We would like to have some game elements inspired by the movie at stake!

Earlier this month, Dune is overcoming the box office records around the world, confirming its excellent launch. Ovaciated by criticism, the work of Denis Villeneuve is considered by many as the success of science fiction of the year.

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