Devil May Cry Macher gives update to coming cartoon series

Almost three years ago, film and serial producer Adi Shankar announced, he works on a new cartoon series based on Capcom s popular Devil May Cry franchise . Then it was very quiet around the project. At least until now, because a few days ago, the maker gave an update to production.

Devil May Cry: Production should start 2022

In an interview with Techfraptor (via Comic Book ), Shankar recently led out, the work on the series would progress well. Meanwhile, all scripts of the 1st season finished , as he explains. This has written the producer together with a very talented author named Alex Larson . Lastly, Larson contributed some scripts for the Netflix anime series Yasuke .

The scripts are great and I wanted to implement them so that my, DMC -fans are proud of it. Again: This was developed by a DMC Fan for, DMC -fans, that was the ethos of this project, Shankar will continue to execute. As he explains then, the production of the new Devil May Cry sign ceremony is expected to start early next year .

Meanwhile, Adi Shankar did not call Adi Shankar, but he assures the waiting fans, making this project not only because of money. Instead, he work on this project, because it is important to me and I want to deliver something that has a very high standard and surpasses everything I have made so far. Lastly, Shankar worked with Netflix at the Castlevania animation series, which should be connected to the new DMC series.

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Incidentally, it is not the first cartoon series based on Capcom s Devil May Cry series. Already in 2007, an anime series relating to Demon Hunter Dante, whose plot was settled between that of the first and fourth game. The series was produced in the Studio Madhouse ( Death Note ) directed by Shin Itagaki ( Berserk (2016)). LEONINE ANIME published the title on Blu-ray and DVD in this country.

The new Devil May Cry sign series of Adi Shankar has no start date yet.

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