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Ein Ball ist ein rundes, üblicherweise kugelförmiges, seltener ovales, elastisches Spielzeug oder Sportgerät aus Leder, Gummi oder Kunststoff. Der Begriff kommt nicht vom altgriechischen Verb βάλλειν ballein für „werfen“, sondern ist vielmehr ein germanisches Erbwort, welches sich von dem Wortfeld für „anschwellen“ ableiten lässt und mit griechisch φάλλος phallos urverwandt ist. Neben Bällen gibt es noch Spielkugeln, die üblicherweise aus hartem Material wie Holz, Kunststoff, Metall oder Elfenbein bestehen. Durch Spiele, die dem englischen Sprachraum entspringen, in dem es nur den Begriff ball gibt, wird die Grenze zwischen den Begriffen verwischt. Beispielsweise werden beim Billard oder Bowling beide Begriffe verwendet.
Schon in der Antike richtete man in den Palästen eigene Ballspielräume ein. Im Laufe der Jahrhunderte wurden unzählige Ballspiele/Ballsportarten erfunden. Für diese Ballspiele wurden auch Regeln festgelegt und wenn nötig verfeinert.

In the third league of 1. FC Kaiserslautern today receives the second team of SC Freiburg. Here you can the game of the 12th matchday our live Scores track.

Kaiserslautern vs Freiburg II 3: 0 (1: 0)

gates | 1: 0 F.Götze (10) 2: 0 Tomiak (48.) 3: 0 Wunderlich (61.)
Installation Kaiserslautern | Raab – Tomiak, K. Kraus, Winkler, Götze (70 rooms) – Knight, Hercher, Wunderlich (81. Schad), Zuck – Klingenburg (81 Kleinsorge) Hanslik
Installation Freiburg II |

Atubolu – K. Schmidt, Braun Schumacher, Rosenfelder, Barbosa – Engelhardt, Wagner, Tauriainen (46th Risch) Weißhaupt – Burkart, Sweepers

yellow cards | Kraus (43) / Engelhardt (51) Brown-Schumacher (71)

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Kaiserslautern vs. Freiburg II: 3. Liga NOW LIVE Scores – 3: 0

82nd If you also have such people in the bank. Marius Klein concern and Dominik malicious eligible for the final phase.

81 . Substitution at 1. FC Kaiserslautern: Mike Wunderlich, Substitutes at 1. FC Kaiserslautern: Dominik Schad

. 81 substituted at 1. FC Kaiserslautern: René Klingenburg, Substitutes at 1. FC Kaiserslautern: Marius Kleinsorge

80th Self-confidence is available at Jean room after recovering from injury in any case. On the right he tries, the leather on Sandrino Braun-Schumacher passed down. By a hair, he wins the duel actually running.

78th Emilio sweeper keeps from 25 meters on it. Matheo Raab those balls like, palms again spectacularly over the bar. Really dangerous it is not.

77th Marlon Ritter with an unnecessary bad pass in his own half. Meanwhile, the Red Devils actually seem to be slowing.

76th Now find a male fitting near the post but even a bullet prepare players. But Patrick Kammerbauer the ball pushes wide of the far post.

75th A quarter of an hour only on the clock. For FCK, it s just a matter of upholding the concentration. So far succeed.

72nd Large risk is today also by the Kaiserslautern central defenders. A free kick slip through to Alexander Winkler, Noah Atubolu however, pushes the ball from a tight angle in the arms.

71st yellow card Sandrino Braun-Schumacher (SC Freiburg II)

70 . Nice gesture by Felix idol that grabs the binding of Mike Wunderlich and they slipped over the actual Captain Jean Zimmer.

70 substituted at 1. FC Kaiserslautern. Felix Götze,

68th Also Matheo Raab now must excel times! Daniels Ontuzans keeps it from a distance, the ball is deflected quite tricky and would have probably reduced as sublime pass right under the crossbar. But Raab moves back in time and palms fist in between!

67th Two Kaiserslautern had been through free, but Sandrino Braun-Schumacher gets very lucky awarded the free kick. The would not have to give.

65th desperation attempt by Sascha Risch, who thrashes the ball from about 30 meters centered on Matheo Raab.

63rd Of course, now there is a mad mood. On three no doubt more here, which is primarily due to the performance and not only the clear intermediate state.

. 61 Tooor for 1. FC Kaiserslautern 3: 0 by Mike Wunderlich Just another piece of cream of Zuck, this time he runs with the hoe to Felix Götze on! Which in turn sends Daniel Hanslik direction goalline. From there, he brings a no-look pass in the backcourt to Mike Wunderlich, who only in the far corner has to push. Dream football on the Betze!

Kaiserslautern vs. Freiburg II: 3. Liga NOW LIVE Scores – Wunderlich makes the Betze shake!

60th What runs into space for a treat of Hendrick Zuck, the Max Rosenfelder on the left wing. However, the half-height cross is intercepted.

58 . If the Red Devils even today keep a clean sheet, they would be proud 533 minutes clean sheet accumulate. not counting extra times.

57th One can only salute in front on as organized Lautern against the ball act. So playing a top team.

56th Sixth corner for FCK. This time the going gets tough, Boris Tomiak extended by the near post but the goal net.

54th Dangerous is it just on the opposite side, because Kaiserslautern is getting ready to counterattack. However, Daniel Hanslik verspringt the ball into touch.

53 . Finally train in Freiburg attack. Noah Weißhaupt sends the substitute Sascha Risch on the left, after all, takes out the second corner for guests.

51 . Yellow card for Yannik Engelhardt (SC Freiburg II) Next, the Breisgauer run only after, can help only by foul. For Yannik Engelhardt it is the fourth caution of the season.

  1. TOOOR For 1. FC Kaiserslautern, 2: 0 By Boris Tomiak Ultimately, Mike whimsically brings the corner sharp. Again Noah Atubolu does not look good, farting the ball of candle straight up. His front man is too little present. Alexander Winkler shields and ensures that his center defender colleague Boris Tomiak can be the ball of seven meters and half-neckers position in the stitches!

Kaiserslautern vs. Freiburg II: 3. League now in Liveticker – Tomiak with the 2: 0!

  1. Further throwing from Hendrick Zuck, which is clarified by head to the corner. Again, the native Püttlinger is ready for execution.

46 . In the second half! At the guests, Julius Tauriainen can not continue injury due to injury. Performance reasons can not actually have the replacement.

  1. Substitution at SC Freiburg II: Julius Tauriainen, resolving at SC Freiburg II: Sascha Risch

46 . Stick 2nd half

Kaiserslautern vs. Freiburg II: 3rd league now in Liveticker – Necklace 2nd time

Halftime Conclusion : The 1st FC Kaiserslautern has so far a very sovereign appearance and is deserved 1-0 in the lead. The self-confidence was supposed to suppire to the Palatine, especially after the leadership through Felix Götze, Freiburg did not occur at all at all to the ball. Only in the final phase, the Breisgauer a little bit on, but in her attacks it lacked at pace and ideas.

Kaiserslautern vs. Freiburg II: 3. League now in Liveticker – 1st priority

  1. The injection time is already running, Philipp Hercher gets a free kick from the right outer car. Nine man are stretched, after all, Nicola s winter will probably pitch.

  2. Yellow card for Kevin Kraus (1st FC Kaiserslautern) Since you have already seen big fouls on this afternoon. Kevin Kraus makes a little leg at the center of the circle.

Kaiserslautern vs. Freiburg II: 3. League now in the Livetick – Yellow card for Kevin Kraus

  1. Free kick from the right. Matheo Raab fists the ball in the middle, where Robert Wagner removes from the criminal space edge but a harmless direct shot.

  2. When the Breisaufs, then what about Julius Tauriainen. The Finn was traveling in the country break with the U21 of his country, hit Azerbaijan (1: 1) and Austria (3: 1).

  3. Now the Breisgauer first manage to relocate the game events for a long time in the opposing half. In the meantime, Lautern has sorted and does not burn anything.

35 . From nothing the huge chance for Freiburg! A cross from the right will be longer and longer. Boris Tomiak is missing and Julius Tauriainen picks up the ball on the left penalty area. Only Matheo Raab he still has in front of him, but the keeper is very wide and prevents the compensation!

  1. A good half hour is played, the 1st FC Kaiserslautern is still the clearly sound team. Apart from the individual quality, this is also a very strong occurrence so far, almost every second ball goes to the red devil.

  2. After another corner from the right Alexander Winkler comes back to the ball again in the penalty area. This time with the foot, but he can not control the ball in the tummer.

30 . Great header of Daniel Hanslik. René Klingenburg rushes in the back of the back, but remains at his degree from pointed angle to Kenneth Schmidt hang.

  1. Julius Tauriainen stays struck after a duel with Kevin Kraus. Matheo Raab plays the ball in the outside, after a short time, the Finn can continue.

  2. Now after all, the first corner for the guests. But the short attempt is made but wonderfully intercepted by Mike.

  3. If you ask yourself again the question of whether the lead is deserved, you have to clearly say: Yes, and a second goal would now be more powerful.

  4. Tor or not gate? SCF-Keeper Noah Atubolu makes a huge dropout, leaves the sharp-stepped corner of Hendrick Zuck from the fingers. Alexander Winkler comes from close range header, Max Rosenfeld explains probably just on the line. The impartial decides in doubt for the defendants, the Var would have surely check the scene again.

19th Yannik Engelhardt comes after a tactical shove against René Klingenburg just without the first yellow carton thereof.

17th Tabular had a home victory for FCK very positive impact. In the flash table one is in seventh place, just two points from the relegation place and three points from a direct ascent Rank removed. It is still, of course, but long to play and the season is still in its early stages.

15 . The self-confidence is clearly noted the Palatine. René Klingenburg attempts a male fitting at the penalty area edge but Mike Wunderlich does not take the ball with optimal.

13th Deserved or not? That can not be said for the modest beginning. Now the Red Devils but remain in forward gear.

. 11 Tooor for 1. FC Kaiserslautern 1: 0 by Felix Götze The first real chance of the game brings the FCK the lead! Mike Wunderlich sends Daniel Hanslik on the right wing. The attacker places the ball handle and puts a cross in the middle. So that was probably not planned, because the ball is still clearly deflected. So however it lands exactly on the slippers of Felix idol that einschlenzt from around ten meters into the near post and ensures cheering in the stands!

Kaiserslautern vs. Freiburg II: 3. Liga NOW LIVE Scores – Guided tour of Felix Götze

  1. Not a bad idea to try it with a long throw. However, the basement of Philip Hercher hangs at the penalty area edge.

. 9 Now put the guests time to come through and Robert Wagner to a long-range shot! Matheo Raab sees the ball late, but immersed in time into the right corner from his view. In addition, Emilio sweepers already was previously offside.

  1. Tactically it is very interesting to see how both teams to move in when the opposition of possession and make the spaces tight.

  2. When running interjections, both teams have a lot of time. Time game is probably not yet be assumed, rather lacking due to the tight coverage the play stations.

  3. For the first time provide the hosts with ten men in the opposition half. Freiburg is low, but a hair finds a forward pass through the center a gap.

1st And go! Kaiserslautern as usual in red, Freiburg in the sky blue away kit.

Kaiserslautern vs. Freiburg II: 3. Liga NOW LIVE Ticker – 1st half kickoff

Before the start: Great atmosphere on the Betze! Even the weather is, the sun is shining. The 16,000 spectators it ultimately probably make it into the World Cup arena. 31 of which have come from Freiburg and prefer the third league match of the stadium opening of the first team.

Before the start: interesting today could be to see how the young team of Breisgauer deal with the backdrop. So far, the tribe s team played only in Magdeburg before a five-digit number of persons (0: 0, 13,644 spectators). Today, the greatest scenery on the Betzenberg since the outbreak of Corona pandemic are expected to 18,000 spectators.

And so begin the Breisgauer: Before starting

Atubolu – K. Schmidt, Braun Schumacher, Rosenfelder, Barbosa – Engelhardt, Wagner, Tauriainen, Weißhaupt – Burkart, Sweepers

Before the start: So the Red Devils start: Raab – Tomiak, K. Kraus, Winkler, Götze – Knights, Hercher, Wunderlich, Zuck – Klingenburg, Hanslik

Before the start: In the 3rd League teams after the 11th matchday are still close together. Therefore, a victory for the two opponents today is extremely important. The Red Devils could draw near with a triple to the leading group of the third league, while Freiburg II as the current table 15th would make a leap from relegation – and to Kaiserslautern would overtake.

Before the start: The match of the 12th match day will kick off at 14 o clock on the Betzenberg in the venerable Fritz-Walter-Stadion in Kaiserslautern.

Before the start: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the third division match between 1. FC Kaiserslautern and SC Freiburg II.

Kaiserslautern vs. Freiburg II: 3. Liga today in Live Scores – Expected Lineups

1. FC Kaiserslautern: Raab – Tomiak Kraus Winkler – Knights – Hercher, idol, Zuck – Wunderlich – Klingenburg – Hanslik
SC Freiburg II: Atubolu – Sildillia, brown-Schumacher, Rosenfelder – Barbosa, Engelhardt, Wagner, Tauriainen – White Main, Burkart – sweeper

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3 . League: The current table on the 12. Round

Place | Team | Sp. | Goals | Diff | Pkt. — | — | — | — | — |- 1. | Magdeburg | 11 | 22: 11 | 11 | 22 2. | Borussia Dortmund II | 11 | 18: 11 | 7 | 20 3rd | VFL Osnabrück | 12 | 16: 11 | 5 | 20 4. | Waldhof Mannheim | 11 | 17: 9 | 8 | 19 5. | Viktoria Berlin | 12 | 23: 16 | 7 | 18 6. | SV Wehen Wiesbaden | 11 | 17: 13 | 4 | 18 7. | 1. FC Saarbrücken | 11 | 17: 13 | 4 | 17 8. | Eintracht Braunschweig | 11 | 15: 12 | 3 | 17 9. | Hallescher FC | 11 | 19: 17 | 2 | 17 10. | 1. FC Kaiserslautern | 11 | 14: 8 | 6 | 15 11. | TurkGücü Munich | 11 | 13: 17 | -4 | 15 12. | Sv Meppen | 11 | 10: 14 | -4 | 15 13. | 1860 Munich | 11 | 10: 11 | -1 | 13 14. | SC VER | 11 | 16: 19 | -3 | 13 15. | SC Freiburg II | 11 | 8: 13 | – 5 | 13 16. | FSV Zwickau | 11 | 11: 13 | -2 | 12 17. | MSV Duisburg | 11 | 13: 18 | -5 | 12 18. | FC Viktoria Cologne | 11 | 13: 20 | -7 | 9 19. | Würzburger Kickers | 11 | 5: 15 | -10 | 7 20. | TSV Havelse | 11 | 7: 23 | -16 | 7