Far Cry 6 is the summery action trip which I need just despite Story

Sun in the heart, rake in his hand – so Far Cry 6 can be summarized in my opinion quite well. Much draft I have not found in the history around Guerilla Dani Rojas, but exceptionally not missing. Since I am currently really the strepe, I even enjoyed that this trip feels like a holiday – just with clapper.

The only downer was for me that the great fun in front of the serious background of the Guerrilla War sometimes feel strangely stranging. This is noticeable, for example, if a figure indicates that many people are fighting for dictator Castillo only to put through their family – and Dani, regardless of the next moment, restarts whole hordes of them, without twitching with the eyelash.

Palm trees and sea – I m there!

This is a fixed principle for me. In real life, however, it is not so easy to give me a break in tropical climate. My last trip abroad is for about five years because of the difficult scheduling as a freelancer, private obligations and not least Corona. At the latest after the drunk, rainy summer 2021, the long-distance went is great. Consequently, I was really looking forward to the beautiful, Cuba-inspired Yara.

The postcard idyll even exceeded my expectations. In the first hours of the game, I have hardly progressed because I spent most of the time in photo mode: An old boat on the white sand beach, rides on the mountain crest, my stylish crocodile in front of water cascades, a picturesque village square with colonial church and violet flower splendor – almost every corner Can you glue yourself to the digital holiday album.

Far Cry 6 relies on a good mood

Ubisoft probably counted with selfie victims as I expected, because the photo mode is even underpinned with Latin American music. These summery sounds, for example, are also available in vehicles and camps – and even if I have never loved Livin La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin, the soundtrack mix of traditional and pop music simply fits well with the atmosphere.

Music and landscape are not the only components contributing to the holiday flair. There are also flights with the wingsuit, minor activities such as car racing and a crazy CD player weapon with which the trash hit macarena becomes a weapon. Not to forget: The Animal Combat Cards , including sugar sweet dachshund chorizo. And riding, to which one belongs to unicorn – yes, unicorn – trimmed mare. So as well as crazy as sympathetic ideas and a casual, humorous tone.

Samara Summer

@Also in the winter

Samara likes to clip storystatige games. No matter if it is Open World Titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2 or Indies like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter: the author uses white stories with a draft. However, Far Cry 6 has convinced her with other qualities. It is the first offshoot of the series, which she has packed correctly since part 3 and holds the bar.

Most characters look a bit like the Cast of a Reality TV Show. There are, for example, the rapping Talía, the hacker Yelena, the Old Haudegen Juan or the crazy craftsman Philly. Everyone somehow is clumsy to cool and always have a fleet saying on the lips.

Many scenes are staged to keep us well and to laugh – just as the Cutscenene, in which Juan Dani can whistle, without betraying that this is the attack warrant for his tamed crocodile Guapo. That then sees immediately on a soldier and brings Dani a little souvenir .

But then there is the revolution …

I usually enjoy the entertaining deposits, but not always. If the game reminds me again that it is not really an adventure trip, but about a revolution against the brutal dictator Antón Castillo, a bitter taste comes up. The serious background does not fit the good mood.

Although Dani at the beginning of Clara Garcia, the leader of the Guerilla Group Libertad, that hardly someone would voluntarily hit their path. In the game, this is completely different, because the whole liberation mission for Yara usually grows like a big party and also losses in their own ranks are not too emotional. Again, the game contradicts itself on the current band.

Still a bad madness, please

Colleague Erik has already shown in his column Far Cry 6 – Ubisoft s fear of Cuba comparisons endangers the story , where for him the difficulties in dealing with the topic lie and also Tester Annika has noted that the Do not right on the subject . Instead of the appropriate seriousness and differentiation, however, I would preferred to have a different background history

I m glad that Far Cry 6 is not a new The Last of US 2 , which keeps the consequences of my deeds. Although this is an exciting concept, but from the reasons already described, I am definitely more for the Fun approach in this case.

He would have even been perfect for me, if Ubisoft would be more consistent with the throttled rail and would have grabbed the characters in a completely exaggerated and realistic story, similar to, for example, in the Saints Row Games. Then party mood as well as bulletal salves and explosions that are an integral part of the series would also have to be better integrated.

Despite the criticisms, Far Cry 6 is the bottom line exactly what I expect and hoped for: a little break on action and entertaining conversation instead of great feelings – far away from reality and the German nightfrost in October.

How do you see that: carefree action fun or a strange mix?