Peta attacks Far Cry 6 for his cockfights

Far Cry is a series that is not strange to controversies, and the new delivery is no exception. Although the revolution that is lived in Yara has a series of decisions and events that can be considered strong for the public, has been a minigame starring Peta , organization in charge of protecting animals.

In Far Cry 6 there is a minigame where you can take control of a rooster, and fight Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat style. In this way, PETA has asked Ubisoft to remove this segment of the game , as it glorifies animal abuse. This was what was said about it:

Converting a horrible and bloody event as the rooster fights are in a mortal type video game Kombat is by no means an innovation, since today s society is against forcing animals to fight to death.

The roosters that use in these terrible events are placed by sharp knives that make them shredder the meat and bones, leaving them with fatal and dying wounds. Peta Latino urges Ubisoft to replace this reprehensible minigame with one that does not glorify cruelty.

Peta's cake is SHIT

Glorify this blood sport is far from being entertainment.

A real roosters in the fights are placed by sharp knives that start meat and bone, causing fatal and dying injuries.

We insist at @ubisoft to replace the horrible mini game, Farcry6! pic.twitter.com/rhtobisn70.

  • Latin Peta (@tata latino) October 7, 2021

Currently there is no response from Ubisoft, and considering that Peta s requests usually do not pass beyond a statement from this style, It is very likely that the French company simply avoid making a comment and leave this minigame intact . On related topics, you can check our review of FAR CRY 6 here. In the same way, this is our gameplay of this title.

Editor s note:

Real rooster fights are something that must be stopped. However, we are talking about a videogame, which does a good job at representing part of the culture of Latin America and, we like it or not, the rooster fights are something that has been seen in the past. Similarly, far Cry 6 treats this minigame as something ridiculous, since there are supermovers, and everything is built as if it were Street Fighter or Tekken.

Via: Peta.