Far Cry 6 Guide Tips Tricks and All Collectors

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Far Cry 6 is the sixth mainline entry in Ubisoft s exotic Open World FPS series published on PlayStation 5 and PS4.

In this Far Cy 6 Instruction , we share our tips and tricks for beginners to help you to survive both the lush island of Yara and the men of Anton Castillo. We also reveal the locations of all collectibles , including taps , USB songs , and Critograma chests .

This site will also contain some trophy leaders who are enlightening all unique weapons and where to find them .

Please note that this guide is still in progress. So if we have not yet come to treat a mystery or aspect that you have any problems, you should stop by again in the near future.

Far Cry 6 Guide: All collectibles

Far Cry 6 has 207 collectibles . However, the vast majority of them is not needed to unlock trophies and is therefore completely optional if you try to get the platinum trophy. You can view all the collective objects already found by pressing the Touchpad and scroll to the Collection tab. Our guides focus on collectibles that unlock trophies.

Roosters are animals that they find in the regions of Yara in large wooden boxes. As soon as they were found and interacted with them, they can be used in cock fighting. On the map, the symbol has the shape of a box.
USB songs Take the shape of small USB sticks in the game world, and if you collect them, new songs will be unlocked for use in the cars you drive. You will be displayed on the map with a symbol of a small white USB stick on black background.
Cryptogram Diagrams come in two sets that reveal the location of a Criptograma chest in combination and act as a key. Inside is a piece of valuable equipment. They are marked on the map as a small white breast symbol.

Far Cry 6 is divided into four main regions , which contain all different types of collectors. Below you will find instructions All Far Cry 6 Collectors .

Far Cry 6: All rooster locations

Far Cry 6 Guide: unique weapons

Far Cry 6 has a wide selection of unique weapons that are located anywhere on the island of Yara, all with their own appearance, accessories and statistics. Although the game offers tips for entry, but it will not be easy to find everyone. Links below is a guide that shares the sites of each unique weapon.

Far Cry 6: All unique weapons and where to find them

Far Cry 6 Guide: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Far Cry 6 allows you to choose between an action or story mode at the beginning of the game and to optimize the degree of difficulty according to your wishes. The game is not particularly difficult, no matter which you choose, but we have some universal tips and tricks We recommend all players on board. Read it carefully to ensure that you are prepared.

holster your weapon

You are probably used to have your weapon always with you when you play a Far Cry game, but this sixth main entry offers a tempting reason to put it away. If you approach carefully, you can pass to guards without throwing any suspicion when you appear unarmed and can achieve your goal easier. In addition, some of Anton Castillos men are not particularly loyal. If you are approaching you with a bribe and are your weapons out of sight, you will swap information against cash.

Be careful in areas with a higher level than you

Far Cry 6 | Gameplay - Part 1

As with other Ubisoft Open World Games, the different regions of Far Cry 6 are now associated with a level. This regulates the degree of difficulty of enemies in the area, but you can not stop it from entering a particular place because they could have a heavy time in front of them. Of course, we do not recommend to stroll with a weft rocket launcher casually into an area that is twice as high as your rank, but there is a certain scope for this system. Play it cool and you can explore some of the harder environments at an early stage and get sweet prey.

This makes us at the end of our Far Cry 6 Guide . We hope you found it useful, but if you have your own tips and tricks, you can download them in the comments below.