Far Cry 6 Test ratings in the overview

Today, the first tests were allowed to be published on Far Cry 6 . And the results are very browse. Based on 35 reviews, the metascore is currently 76 . Some editors are excited, while other testers refer to a well-known and therefore quite ordinary food. Below are a few votes:

Hoby Consoleras : The island of Yara, on the Far Cry 6 plays, feels really alive. We have enjoyed it, to make the revolution and fight against one of the best villains of the Saga, Anton Castillo. But what is the most pleased on this sandbox is that you can just walk through the streets of Esperanza, the jungle or the beaches and finds incredibly funny situations.

Playstation Lifestyle : Even if Far Cry 6 does not develop the franchise completely new, it smoothes many of the problems and growth pain that former Far Cry games, and builds on a foundation, which has been Cry 3 of 2012 has largely worked for the series.

Thegamer : Far Cry 6 is a game that understands how important it is to defend yourself against fascism and to come up as part of your own personal revolution. Nevertheless, it is often braked by the gameplay that wants to distance themselves from this idea while you get cute puppy and fire unusual grenade launcher.

XGN : Far Cry 6 is a good complement to the beloved shooter franchise thanks to great gunplay and stunning graphics. However, it is a pity that there are some really annoying bugs, crashes and problems with the Quality of Life that tears you out of the experience. The story is so fun when it s to see esposito on the screen, which is unfortunately not enough.

VGC : If you are interested in another Far Cry game, which makes the Far Cry-Kram as he has been made for 10 years, you will probably have a good time. But if you have already encountered your limits with this type of game, Far Cry 6 is the best example of why the design of Open World Games needs so urgent a revolution.

Test ratings in the overview:

ImpulseGamer – 94
Hobby Consololas – 91
Well played – 90
IGN Italia – 85
PlayStation Lifestyle – 85
GamePressure – 85
Gamers Heroes – 85
Noidy pixel – 85
Coconnected – 85
PSU – 80
GamesRadar – 80
IGN – 80
VG247 – 80
JeuxVideo – 80
Hardcore gamer – 80
TwinFinite – 80
Thegamer – 80
Hey Poor Player – 80

Metro GameCentral – 80
Play! Zine – 80
Everyey.it – ​​78
Multiplayer.it – ​​78
Pc gamer – 75
PlaySense – 75
Gamemag – 70
Gameblog.fr – 70
Games.cz – 70
XGN – 70
DexverTo – 70
Game Revolution – 65
Gameover.gr – 60
Gamer.no – 50
EGM – 40
VGC – 40

With the publication of other tests, the mood can still change.

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Far Cry 6 appears on October 7, 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, PC and Google Stadia. In the meantime, you can in our topic overview read more details about the shooter.

Other messages to Far Cry 6.