Far Cry 6 in the test The revolution remains

Far Cry 6 is more of the same, but therefore does not have less fun than its predecessors.

Hach, Cuba is nice! The white sand beaches, the dense jungle, the cities with their old buildings from the colonial time, the many chic vintage cars that are on the roads on the road … and see there, the corpse heaps, the military control points on every corner, there is just someone s in front Handen while in the bushes the guerrillas waiting for an attack on the right moment. Stop, moment! We are not at Cuba! We landed on Yara, the evil twin of the Caribbean Island State and the venue of Far Cry 6. Once again, Ubisoft leaves us and give you a piece of the outside world from the outside world Earth from a terror regime. This time, it is not against Christian fanatics, but again a classic dictator as last in Far Cry 4. And that s not the only thing that is familiar to us. The motto of the developer was probably not exactly Viva La Revolución .

The chicken man is now dictator and Papá

Since part 3, the Far Cry series is famous for putting their antagonists as dazzling as much as possible. With Vaas Ubisoft was very well suited. The successors could not build on his class, also because they would have liked to be underrepresented. With little screentime it is difficult to develop enough character depth and leave a lasting impression. Unfortunately, Far Cry 6 also commits this mistake.

Antón Castillo, the head of state of Yara, will be presented at the beginning as an ice-cold, strict dictator, which does not like it at all if his citizens, pardon, subjects want to leave the country. The boat, with which you want to flee as Dani (male or female, the choice with you) at the beginning, is stopped by the military and El President personally comes personally to you under deck to demonstrate a) how angry he is and b) bring his own son back to the palace. Sprössling Diego is a little enthusiastic about that his Papá leads a horror and wants to make him a worthy successor. This father-son relationship could be the breeding ground for an exciting story, but it is not because she is far too little room to unfold. Between the individual intermediate sequences that show the Castillos, depending on the playing style, several hours of hours in which you are fighting against the regime, but up to a few examples of the President, none of him.

Antón Castillo is even the weakest rogue since Far Cry 3. He is just a powerful dictator – more is not behind it. At this point we do not want to raise Joseph Seed from Far Cry 5 in higher spheres than he deserves it. But his role as a Christian fanatic, who is confident in all the gray, which he produces, is firmly convinced to do the right thing, is at least something else. Antón Castillo acts correctly interchangeable. Such a powerful rogue we have already laid the craft in several games before. It does not help much that he is embodied by Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul star Giancarlo Esposito. The delivers a good performance without any doubt, which is why it is advisable to play with English voice output despite a decent German setting. However, even the befelt actor can get little out of a role that is so flat.

An ensemble full of boredom

Far Cry 6 is not playing because of history. From the moment you wake up as Dani on a beach after the military has sunk with your escape boat, the plot only splashes. There are minor characters with own story strands, but also those are incredibly flat. Far Cry 6 does not provide a single interesting character. Here and there good approaches are noticeable, for example at Diego Castillo or Paolo, who has particularly difficult as Transmann in very conservative Yara – even when Castillo is no longer prevalent. Clara, the leader of the Guerrilla, could also have become an interesting figure, as they occur in contrast to their allies from rich home. But Ubisoft does not succeed in making exciting figures from these approaches whose destinies move us.

After all, what works better than in its predecessor, the integration of the main character is in the story. In Far Cry 5, you have played the name and voiceless deputy. The aim of Ubisoft was certainly that experience is more immersive by getting the feeling of being part of the story, and not just to control another character. The bill has not risen. With Dani, the or which you see in intermediate sequences and even from the third-person perspective controls in Guerilla bases, there is now a tangible protagonist, but is even flatter than the rest of the ensemble. You just want to flee to America, but because that, as described in mind, failed and you are a nice person, you will join the resistance. The characterization of Dani also stops.

A bit ago come home

Narrative Walking Far Cry 6 on horseback paths and in the game world is the most part not different. But that s not so bad because this back to the roots character from Yara knows. With Far Cry 5, Ubisoft dared an experiment. The turn was always known for exotic settings, one kidnapped the players in rural Montana. Admittedly, in the US state on the border with Canada do not play many video games, but so really interesting and Far Cry , the whole thing has not been. Part 6 offers with its tropical island world with palm trees, beaches, radiant blue sea and dense jungle exactly what Far Cry 1 and 3 has made something special in the shooter genre.

Despite all the violence is always when you just suck the nature in you, this holiday feeling. Purely related to its flora, topography and the architecture of the settlements, Yara is a beautiful place. When you stand on a mountain and wander over the big head island, that s truly a sight to enjoy. While the game lacks the scenic diversity, with which about a Ghost Recon: Wildland s points, but in the face of Cuba as a template it is completely logical that you explore here next to the jungle, beach, open meadows, sumps and urban areas no desert or snowy peaks . And after all, for the first time there is a really big city in a Far Cry. So far, something like Pala from Far Cry 2 was the highest of feelings and even for a village that has been extremely tiny. Esperanza, on the other hand, will definitely live up to its name as the capital of Yara and thus brings a bit fresh wind.

Levelsystem yes, role-playing mechanics no

Until her in Esperanza Chaos Stif …, uh, we think, for justice, it takes a few hours. That hangs together with the structure of Far Cry 6. On the one hand, you also enjoy the first two, three or depending on the exploration of the exploration of five hours on a smaller tutorial island . Here you will learn the basic building blocks of the Open World and completes a linear sequence of major missions. After the prologue it goes to the main island of Yara. It is divided into three regions with several sub-areas. You will receive the order to establish contact with a faction in each of these regions, which would be in question as an ally. Even though Clara advises you to go to Madrugada first in the west, you have the free choice. All areas where Story missions are available at the beginning of Story missions have the same level.

No Bange: Far Cry 6 does not continue the role-playing experiment of New Dawn. Although opponents have a life bar from home, but the display can be disabled in the options. Ball sponges that endure unnaturally a lot of shelling, there is not, only stronger and less well as well as not armored enemies. With standard ammunition on the former to fire, is not a good idea, but you can unlock armor-breaking projectiles early in the game for every weapons car. Thus, adversaries also tilt dead with thick helmet after a targeted head shot. Theoretically, you can drive directly at the beginning of Esperanza, but you have to adjust to do it to do it with particularly well-equipped military units. In addition, the main missions in the city will be unlocked after various hours of play.

fun job offer

The campaign of Far Cry 6 is all very open in all. Who wants, plays a pending archer after another, but you can also change the same well between the regions. Even within the individual areas, there is not a fixed order of major missions, but often two, maybe even three quests to choose from. This recalls a bit of GTA because the orders are always linked to a particular character. Partially, however, they look more like mining missions and do not feel like to drive the plot – there we would be back in the thing with the weak story.

But the quests do almost all fun, playful trailers are only a few. This also applies to the co-missions, which divide into the so-called Yaranian stories , ie very classic side quests, and treasure searches. The latter already existed in Far Cry: New Dawn, but this time it is much more. They are the perfect change from the action that offers the game in all other areas, as they are happy to confront with small puzzles or skill passages. None of this is great challenging, but the treasure searches are beautifully designed and always have a small, nice narrative substructure.

The latter also offer the Yaranian stories , but otherwise they do not lift themselves apart from the main missions. It is usually about killing opponents or to procure certain things, which always leads to the typical Far Cry gameplay: You infiltrate a site occupied by enemies and goes either creeping or get into creeping. The varied places in which the developers also play with Environmental Storytelling and provide you with additional background info on the basis of letters and other documents, are one of the reasons why this is not boring. Incidentally, this also applies to the for Far Cry compulsory enemy bases that can be conquered away from your missions. They are more diverse than in its predecessor and always have a story context thanks to the above elements. Only the control points on the streets and air defense systems that you conquer to get both on the asphalt and in the air smoother from A to B, have something generic.

A dream for guerrillas, …

You can not complain about a lack of employment in Far Cry 6, as it is typical of Ubisoft games. In addition to the content already mentioned, there are two mini-games (Domino and Hahnenkämpfe, which act like a morally questionable mini tekken), checkpoint race against time and hunts on legendary animals. There are also various collective articles and Loot boxes in the worlds. The latter contain either garments, weapons or particularly valuable crafting materials.

Let s go piece by piece by: Far Cry 6 is not a Loot Shooter, but there is a lot of equipment. The weapon arsenal is damn big. You expect a number of storm and sniper rifles, machine guns, shotguns, bows, missile and grenade, as well as single and series fire guns. There are also the Impro weapons. They alone could put the whole arsenal of a shooter and are pretty cool. For example, we are big fans of the crossbow that rushes harpoons instead of bolts. The Discos Locos, which is based on a CD player and rotating Macarena Discs, is particularly funny – and of course you hear the 90s hit all the time. A total of eleven of these special weapons has Far Cry 6 to offer and you can upgrade you as well as all other shooting bias.

The Impro-Knarren can only be improved with special mods, with assault guns and co additionally all kinds of attachments for the barrel, including silencers for the silent killer among you, as well as visors and Laiser pointer available. For each weapon category, you only have to pay materials to unlock them, then you can attach them to any killing tool for the same genus for free. This also applies to the different types of ammunition. For optical adaptation, there are still various skins for each weapon and talismans.

The unique crunches have a very special look. These are from home from modified variants of basic weapons, comparable to the blueprints from the youngest Call of Duty games. So you have a unique skin and mods as well as essays that you sometimes have not unlocked. But you can not rebuild themselves and exclusive properties do not have what, given that Far Cry 6 is not a RPG shooter, makes sense. But if every enemy can be switched off directly with the right ammunition directly by headshot, why should there be weapons with special bonuses like in a borderland?

… with a hook

The Great Weapons Arsal is one of Far Cry 6 strengths, even if it s almost too big. Some argument amplifiers were almost superfluous in our game passage because we have unlocked them quite late and have already got creaking that are better. On the other hand, here too, the game is doing well that Ubisoft has no RPG experiments dared. If you feel like playing even in the late game of the game, even though a long better shooting prolifer can be done, it can do without problems. In addition, you can take three primary and a page weapon from the beginning and even exchange everything at any time in the menu. Only for modify your workbenches in the bases and small hiding on the guerrilla pavements, which are offside the roads through nature, seek. This makes your enormous flexible.

Your clothes play a greater role in Far Cry 6 than in its predecessor, as they do not just fulfill a cosmetic purpose (which comes better in the bases third-person perspective in the bases), but also give you passive bonuses. One helmet gives you more protection against armor-breaking ammunition (yes, even the opponents use the different types of projectiles), which increases a pant the defense against animals, which ensures a top that you move quieter, and so on. The items also form sets, but there is no bonus that you are wearing a complete outfit. You can therefore combine the garments as desired and swap their appearance regardless of the properties against the other objects. All this is nice, but does not have too much impact on the gameplay. Yes, you can attract clothes that improve stealth features and thus facilitate the snake, but you can also act well without them without them.

Mighty tools that you like to forget times

In addition to weapons and clothes, there are still the Supremos: backpacks with special skills that you can adapt again with mods. Seven plays are available and basically you can imagine the whole as the ultimate skills in Overwatch. The Supremo scores a salve target-seeking missiles, the other greaves all enemies around you with flames. Once used, you have to wait a cooldown time until you can let it crash again. Also this feature falls similar to the clothing system in the category Nice, but more not . We have used the Supremo skills very rarely because it did not often give a reason to use them. Even in action mode, the higher level of difficulty levels, Far Cry 6 is not very demanding. Although we have died one or the other time, but usually the normal weapons and aids such as grenades, throwing knife and Co are sufficient to finish with the enemies. Often we have simply not thought that we still have a supremo on my back.

Also, the Amigos, the animal companions in Far Cry 6, we rarely called for help. Although they are either cool and funny like the Alligator Guapo or super cute like the small dachshund chorizo, but absolutely not necessary to stop Castillos Soldados. And where we are on the subject of companions: we miss the human NPC colleagues. In its predecessor, they have given us even more tactical options because they used different ranged weapons. The Amigos in Far Cry 6 are all animals that just come to enemies only on your command – good, the little chorizo ​​does not do anything, just a cute distraction. Possible that Ubisoft wants to promote even more here that you play in the coop. Almost the complete adventure can be experienced in pairs, with storing the story progress only for the host. But if you plan anyway, Far Cry 6 entirely gamble with a buddy, that s no problem. And in the coop, the gameplay definitely makes more mood again.

Demistically, but entertaining

Speaking of Gameplay: How does Far Cry 6 play? Answer: Well, how to wait. The baller is not very demanding, but makes a lot of fun thanks to a lot of hit feedback and the wide weapons Arsenal. Who likes to sneak, also comes to its costs as with the predecessors. You can only do not expect such sophisticated Stealth mechanics as in a Hitman or Splinter Cell. The Ki of the opponents is similarly simple as in the previous parts, but after all, no full disasters like last in Deathloop. Looking for cover is not a foreign word for you and if you throw a Molotov cocktail on a small watchtower, then it s so wise to get out of his nest and not let yourself be sizzled.

The fun in Far Cry 6 does not occur in the end because of a shooter mechanism at the highest level, but due to the sandbox and chaos factor. Nonetheless, it is satisfactory, enemies either with the shotgun to pick up or a base completely creeping and without triggering the alarm. Also, the locomotion through the large game world, be it now by car, motorcycle, quadbike, jet ski, boat, helicopter, plane or even tank makes thanks to simple, but liquid control mood. For the first time you can also ride on horses, which works very well.

Basen Management? That would be too much said

Incidentally, this brings us to two other, smaller innovations in Far Cry 6: In each of the big regions, you have a main base that you expand with collected resources. That sounds more exciting than it s. Ultimately, there are six different facilities and in each camp you can build two of them, which can be upgraded twice again. So you simply turn off new features, such as a canteen in which your animal and fish meat (yes, you can fishing again) against recipes that give you temporary buffs. Build a hiding network, your wingsuit free. To do this, provide you with the expansion of various bonuses that would otherwise be unlocked over the talent tree, which it has given in the predecessors who lack in Far Cry 6. Although you are still collecting experience points and rising in rank, but this will shut down only new weapons for dealers.

Another new element that is in direct connection to the bases are the lot bandidos inserts. These are missions that you do not do themselves, but by commands that you wins by co-missions, and recruits that you get when you freed prisoners, let go. On a blackboard in each base, you choose who should take what job and then wait for an hour, four. Jap, this is the browser game element in Far Cry 6, as it is also from Dragon Age: Inquisition or – to stay in the Ubisoft cosmos – older Assassin s Creed parts.

But it has at least the nice property, which makes your decisions in three steps after expiration of the waiting time, how your people should proceed. Each option introduces you another reward, but costs either recruits or resources and has a chance of success of 100 percent. Anyone who goes to high risk runs the risk that a mission fails and you do not get the main reward. However, every job can be repeated again. Have we used the lot bandidos quests? No. Are you a disturbing game element? Not at all! Who wants, simply ignores them, the others are dealing in between with time to get something to come and gain additional resources as well as some weapon.

The Dunia can just do that

Technically, Far Cry 6 as the predecessors relies on the meanwhile agreed Dunia Engine. You can tell the title that he was still developed primarily for the PS4 and Xbox One, even on the PC. The characters are far from today s AAA standard, which concerns facial animations and details, and in the area makes some texture noticeable, which may not be so sharp, as they could be today – even with installed HD texture package . Far Cry 6 does not look bad. The dense vegetation, the chic lighting and the foresight make a lot, with some look through the mobile phone camera, which serves as a long-distance glass set, very clearly that in the distance no more details are displayed. There is also on the PC Chic RayTracing Reflections The lack of NVIDIAS DLSS is balanced by AMD s alternative name FidelityFX Super Resolution, so that users can also play weaker systems with good graphic details.

We have much praise for the sound left. The very good English setting and the still ordinary German alternative we have already mentioned. There are very whopping weapons sounds, atmospheric background noise such as animal lauts or the seashore and a strong soundtrack. OK, which was specially composed for the game music is rather mediocre and will not hang in the head, but the licensed songs running on the two radio stations are great – if you like Latin American sounds like Reggaeton. Ubisoft has not lumped and secured some tracks from truly known interpreters. So and again Daddy Yankee, Pitbull or Luis Fonsi (no, not despasito !) From the radio. Especially cool: For some songs, Dani sings with, for example Ricky Martins Livin La Vida Loca .

Freeze danger despite tropical climate

Finally, a few words about the technical condition of our review version and the in-game shop. The game is frozen several times – not so often that we would pronounce a purchase warning for the PC version, but more than just one, twice. Otherwise, but we did not notice any bugs, just played here and since the road traffic ki played a bit crazy, for example when on the opposing car on the opposing cars just drive across our trail to leave the road. Very amusing was also a quadbike driver, who drove in snake lines behind a rider moving in a leisurely pace and honked all the time instead of just overtaking.

We do not have to say much to the shop: Far Cry 6 is a Ubisoft game, so there is of course one. In it, for example, variants of standard weapons are offered with special skins, which can be modified in contrast to the unique creaking. Nevertheless, these things do not buy you because they make you stronger, but because of their look. Otherwise, there are merely vehicles with special skins, but also based on the standard models, and map information with which the locations of the collective objects are marked on the MAP. So you see: Playful benefits are not there and you can completely ignore the shop.


You can really accuse Cry 6 a lot: the innovations are limited or are only nice bonuses. The Ki is still anything but clever, it lacks real playful challenges, the story is boring, the characters are flat and not all open-world activities also make fun for the 50th time. But Far Cry 6 nevertheless creates it to talk to a decent level. The game world is pretty, there are some interesting locations, the treasure searches are cool, the arms arsenal is large as well as varied and the chaos factor, for which the series has been so well known at the latest since part 3, here again works in full. Anyone who had fun with the predecessors and has not been tired of the formula, will also spend many entertaining hours in Yara. The large gameplay revolution would not have not needed Cry 6 even. It would have been nice only if the developers at least raised the core aspects to a significantly higher level.

Far Cry 6


Located fun shooter sandbox

Big, beautiful game world

For the first time a real city in Far Cry

Huge weapon

Well designed locations

Radios with known songs

Very cool treasure search

Good setting

A lot to do


News without weight

Flat story, plate figures

No human NPC companions more

Weak opponent Ki

Some freezes

Few challenges

3.5 / 5 stars

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