Far Cry 6 joins the habit of the saga of having an absurd secrets

It is something we were all expected, but we may gladly know that Far Cry 6 also has an alternative ending end . As it is customary in the saga for some deliveries, we can end up the game quickly if we follow some steps that have been discovered just before its launch this Thursday.

That yes, this time it will not be as simple as the long wait seated in a chair at Far Cry 4 or that denial that ended with the game immediately at Far Cry 5. We will have to do a little more than in those cases, right after to complete one of the first operations that we carry out at the beginning of the adventure. We explain it below, so If you do not want to know, do not follow read from here .

The end is unlocked at a scene after finishing the aforementioned mission we have mentioned. As we see in this video, We will have the option of carrying a boat and choosing whether to stay with the resistance or leave to the United States . As is logical, the game directs directly to the fight with a marker to encourage us to continue, but we can take the opposite direction and navigate until the screen is founded to black. At that time, we will see how Dani enjoys three months after the heat of the beach, relaxing while the radio reports that Anton Castle, the main villain, has defeated the rebellion.

It is very little for the arrival of Far Cry 6. The new adventure set in the Yara Revolution, a fictitious tropical country, will be available since the day October 7 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s. A delivery that promises to be more crazy than ever maintaining and mixing its elements of action and stealth.

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