He created a cryptolet because he had a figure in World of Warcraft

Blockchain technology, cryptolts and NFT tokens. They are not new topics in no way, because they have been existing for several years. However, in public awareness, they appeared relatively recently. It is not strange that old curiosities are now on the surface, such as the creator of Ethereum.

Ethereum is a blockchain on which the Ether and NFT tokens operate. These things should already be known to MMO players, because there are no network games, absorbing or relying on the aforementioned technology. However, how does this do to the World of Warcraft?

The creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, in his biographical note he wrote that in 2007-2010 he cheerfully played in World of Warcraft. Until here, Blizzard decided to bother his figure. Siphon Life was weakened, which belonged to the WarLock class. It caused anger, sadness and sorrow at Vitalik Buterina – he said a lot of bitter tears, but he realized the horror of centralized services. So he decided to do something about it!

Sounds like a story sucked out of the finger? Very possible, but you must admit that it is so unrealistic that it is possible. Imagine a young boy who disappointed to the game and the company responsible for her, decides to introduce an alternative. I do not judge here or good or not, but an alternative. And that s how the History of Ethereś, Crypto Ether and NFT tokens began.

I will add that Blizzard actually has a favor of Vitalik Buterin, who thanks to Ethereś is a billionaire. The same interested programmer of Russian-Canadian origin. With 19 years, in 2013, he created Ethereum, all because of World of Warcraft.