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It s time again gifts time on Steam. In addition to thick discounts and attractive actions, the platform always offers games for zero commanal price. This time, the Publisher Microids shows Spendabel and offers two of his cult classics for free for you. Which games are and how long you can still secure you, we ll tell you now.

Free on Steam: Syberia in a double pack

The Publisher Microids wants to make fun of all PC players and offers its two classics Syberia and Syberia 2 for free at Steam . The occasion is a publisher sale and the early release of the fourth part SYBERIA: The World Before. This could take on the GamesCom the award for the best PC game.

In the two predecessors you expect real point-and-click pearls. Although the first and second part already have over 16 years on the hump, thanks to their timeless optics still lost little gloss. In addition, the graphics are not the crucial argument for the two cult Adventures anyway.

Syberia and Syberia 2 convince with a rich story, many interesting characters and a magical atmosphere that gives this two Adventures a bit. If you want to get into the great story yourself, is now the perfect time for it.

Get the two games here on Steam :

Syberia 2

If you want to secure the two part of the series forever, you should not hesitate too long. The free action is only running until 29 . September at 19 o clock .

If you can not expect the release of Syberia: The World Before, it may be recommended to access Steam when ordering. The Deluxe Edition is currently equipped with a small discount of ten percent. Otherwise, you will find other popular games of the Publisher in the SALE.

Ihr wants to experience even more classics, best from your childhood? Then Steam also made sure for you:

At Steam you can secure the cult Adventures Syberia and Syberia 2 for free for a short time. Have you added to your library, you belong forever you. But not too long waits, the gifts are only a limited time available.